IHMS! Means "I Hate My School" People who hate school.
Hey, IHMS dude.
by AlexDictionary October 20, 2010
The definition of IHM is basically " I Hate Mondays".
Monday is so far from Friday , but Friday is so close to Monday... IHM X___X
by Chris-Vox@-Dreamers As Kings November 21, 2011
i hate men
Charlotte was having a bad day because of her boyfriend so she texts her best friend Carrie saying IHM
by carrieandcharlotte September 12, 2011
It's short for I Hate Mexicans or I Hate Myself.
Ignorant American 1:Did you hear about the new Arizona law?
Ignorant American 2:I know thank god! ihm
Ignorant American 1:Yeah me to.
*Mexican comes in*
Mexican:Why do you hate yourself?
by FuckTheGovernment June 30, 2010
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