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8 definitions by Alex Dumpance

A town in southern Florida in Martin County, notorious for upper-class Suburban-driving pricks.
Dude, I drove through Palm Shitty on my way to Stuart. Those rich fags have put more inconvenient speedbumps on the road.
by Alex Dumpance December 13, 2009
An animal that has been smeared across the road by a motor vehicle.
Dude, I just made road smear out of this bunny rabbit on I-95!
by Alex Dumpance June 29, 2009
The act of defecating on a tree or similar piece of wood. Used as an insult.
Alex can go dump on wood if he thinks I'm gonna pay him back for that hooker he bought me.
by Alex Dumpance January 27, 2009
The inappropriate response of applause regardless of the quality of the performance
The undeserved applause and standing ovation given to the singer for her mediocre performance was a prime example of ovation inflation.
by Alex Dumpance March 23, 2010
The smell associated with someone who bitches at you.
My mom must have already found my stash of heroin. I can smell her Bitch Musk from here!
by Alex Dumpance December 17, 2009
One who behaves in some way like a baby. The word comes from the laundry detergent brand meant for baby clothes called Dreft.
You don't need a taxi, it's only a 2 mile walk! Sometimes you're such a drefter!
by Alex Dumpance April 15, 2010
One who rides a Honda Goldwing. Goldwings are the biggest, heaviest, most expensive, and most unnecessary bikes in the world. Wingers totally miss the point of riding a motorcycle because they'd rather have seat massagers and TVs on their bikes.
Why is there a supertanker driving down the street? Oh wait, its just that winger and his awful Honda GL1800
by Alex Dumpance March 06, 2010