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verb - (to put one on blast); to embarass someone or put them in an akward position by revealing compromising information
Why you puttin me on blast like that? (Why are you trying to embarass me?)
by alex March 22, 2005
When you are banging a chick from behind, you cum in your hand and spit on her anus, thus making her think you have ejaculated on her, when she turns around you throw that shit at her in a spiderman-esque fashion.
I was banging this bitch, then I pulled a spiderman on her.
by Alex January 18, 2004
School vehicle meant for special education students. Many are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Most seats are equipped with restraining belts.
by Alex February 02, 2003
What gay men refer to each other.
What's up, girlfriend! - JR
by Alex January 22, 2004
In New Zealand, a small amount ($20 worth) of weed wrapped in tin-foil for easy selling to small-time druggies.
"Where's the nearest tinny house? I need to buy some green!!"
by Alex March 12, 2005
The city of Orlando. Orlando, FL
"Where's o-town? In central Florida"
by alex August 03, 2004
A scheme engineered by one who is a lover of drama to suck a victim into a situation or succession of events in real life having the dramatic progression or emotional effect characteristic of a play.
Jessica loves to exaggerate her problems in order to gain more attention from others. Jessica encounters Billy, a potential sexual partner. She does not know if Billy is interested in her. Jessica tells all of her friends about Billy, exaggerating her feelings for him and even creating made-up facts. She is setting up a drama trap by entangling her friends into this situation. Jessica will set off the trap and get her big drama moment when Billy confirms his feelings for her. Whether Billy rejects her or likes her back doesn't matter, because each scenario will provide Jessica grounds for intense drama within her group of friends. Jessica's friends are trapped because she used so much exaggeration to heighten their anticipation to the end result. Jessica may even make her drama moment public, such as in a shopping mall or within her workplace.
by Alex November 01, 2004
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