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1. A short or small person who thinks they're cool, and say they can beat you up. Usually a prep or gangsta. If confronted by one, do not attempt to fight, as he will sick his band of mental lackeys to pummel the fuck out of you.
That fucking doublemint Scotty said he was going to beat me up yesterday. What does he think he's gonna do, punch me in the knees?
by Alex October 19, 2004
Cocaine, coke, blow.
"burn rhymes like sniffin on doublemint" - I Self Divine
#blow #coke #nose candy #the russian princess #snow
by goldmine July 28, 2009
Two wicked guy hot twins, preferably identical.
Tiernan and Sean are some hott doublemint dudes.
by Cracka_Joke3 March 27, 2005
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