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basketball country
by Alex July 02, 2003
Cool. Originated in New Haven, CT.
that movie was so qu.
by Alex February 14, 2005
The action sound for punching, shooting a gun... etc.
Like when you were a kid and you made gun noises... pew pew pew
by Alex May 15, 2003
to "get" a guy/girl, as in to hook up with, go out with, make one's own. it is more common for a guy to bag a girl.
"I bet I could bag her."
by aLEx September 29, 2004
Invented the seed drill in 1701 and was the name of the best damn band ever
My cat's name is "jethro tull"
by Alex February 13, 2003
McDojos are schools that are run and owned for the purpose of making money. Typically you are able to get a black belt in less than 2-3 years, and you are usually guranteed success on the black belt test. These schools charge outrageous amounts of money, have extensive contracts, and are sometimes cult like.
"I had to pay $3000 a year by contract to go to this mcdojo, I could not pay by the month"

"That McDojo is stupid, you won't learn anything and your bank will hit the fan."
by Alex February 19, 2005
A jew who tries to act black.
Stan is a fuckin jigger.
by alex May 21, 2004

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