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a Friend, homie, brother worthy, bestfriend, homeboy,
a mixture of homeboy and brother
Whattup Homebro?
Ronny is my Homebro.
by AlbeatU September 09, 2006
to replace a guys name,
what you call a person whos name you forgot, a friend, a homebro, a co-worker, an acquaintance, a stranger
Nice to meet you BIGDOG.
Hey BIGDOG, can i bum a cigarette?

dring a beer like a BIGDOG can,
if you can't drink a beer like a BIGDOG can?
you shouldn't have the beer in your mother fucken hand!

by AlbeatU September 10, 2006
an acronym for "That's What I'm Talking About"
"we going to drink till we pass out, TWITA"

announcer 1: "and he's running and HE SCORES!!"
announcer 2: "That's What I'm Talking About!"
by AlbeatU September 19, 2006
being wrong, disagreement
Baller 1: we're gonna beat you in basketbal today.
Baller 2: you're ALL WET, were gonna take you down.

1: how does this look on me?
2: That's ALL WET, that hat doesn't match that shirt.

stealing from your grandma purse is ALL WET
by AlbeatU September 09, 2006
someone that bitches too much, a guy that complains like a little girl
he was slammed with so much work, he Cohdafit.

He Cohadafit, because everyone picked on him.
by AlbeatU September 19, 2006
lame, weak sauce, weak, stupid, dumb, not cool
"WEAK SHAMA, it only came with 5 cans. That sucks"

"Peter is WEAK SHAMA when it come to bowling"

when you expect a mountain and get a mole hill, thats WEAK SHAMA

"WEAK SHAMA only did a 180 instead of a 360"
by AlbeatU September 20, 2006

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