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a Friend, homie, brother worthy, bestfriend, homeboy,
a mixture of homeboy and brother
Whattup Homebro?
Ronny is my Homebro.
by AlbeatU September 09, 2006
A hybrid of a homie/brother. A homebro is a trustworthy, brother-like, homie that always has your back.
Usually a Rigo or a Gabriel.
Situation 1.
Alice says ,"Who is that? He looks like he is a cool dude to hang with."
Jane says, "Oh. That is my homebro."

Situation 2.
Me and my homebro are going to go play some Nazi Zombies in Call Of Duty 5: World at War.
by PointedShrimp March 09, 2009
same thing as homeboy
young mal said "lets get a 40 homebro,you feel me family".
by Ricardo II December 25, 2008
Another word for friend or homie.
Me and my homebro are about to smoke a fat one.
by Tyler Rulli February 09, 2009
older brother of someone
Where's your home bro dude?
by ranatruck January 06, 2011