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When an unexplicably random turn of events completely blocks rational explantion and further normal progress. The random turn of fate to make a sure-fire proposition backfire badly.

esp. when referring to the earth2025 and utopia online games by swirve and Mehul Patel
I've just been mehuled
by Akula June 08, 2005
the state of mind happily regarding everything as inferior, worthless, below your level ... blissful arrogance
John's contemptment was in high gear today as he happily poured scorn on everybody.
by Akula September 25, 2009
unnecessarily overchecking words using a thesaurus to find words that make the writer look cleverer than they really are.

as a result, the writer looks somewhat ... silly
John's report is completely unreadable, so much thesaurusification.
by Akula October 18, 2009

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