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Australian girl who has become a national hero/villian after she was charged with drug-smuggling in Denpasar airport. Since her charge several months ago, she has dominated all forms of media in Australia, and been the catalyst for a number of really funny events, including:
1. Prison inmate in Victoria testifies in Bali court
2. Baggage handler at Sydney airport caught with camel head on tarmac
Schapelle Corby- Gold Coast girl in Bali jail awaiting trial
by Akka April 20, 2005
When having oral sex with someone who has an underbite so extreme that your balls rest snuggly on that tray they call a mandible.
Chango has a great underbite... it makes the perfect Ball Tray.
by Akka August 26, 2006
All the time is vagina time, vagina time is an expression of happyiness or an expression that its a good time(happy time or something good is going to happen at this time)
what TIIIMMMMEEE is it!?!?!? Vagina time!!
by akka February 21, 2005
Possibly the worst type of lager beer I have ever tasted, yet due to the poor wages offered in Scotland, a drink that I was forced to drink. (Im not going as far as Buck's Fizz....) Tastes a little like Australian lagers, (Tooheys New and XXXX etc), but one gets the sense that they are taking the water for the brewing process directly from the Firth of Forth. Leaves a grainy taste in your mouth, and a large headache in the morning.
Scotland- the lucky country. Shit food, shit beer and shit wages.
by Akka April 20, 2005

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