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A smart, beautiful girl who takes herself for granted. Is a hard worker, but sometimes overburdens herself. Worries alot, but not without a reason. Hard to get to know, but once your friends with her, she'll help you out as long as your not constantly bugging her.
Example 1
Guy1. Dude, who's that chick
Guy2. Dude..... she's Angelique Hardy .... idiot....

Example 2
Girl. Oh my god, who that girl, I love her hair
Boy. That's my girlfriend, Angelique,
#angelique #hardy #angelique hardy #sexy #beautiful #red hair #red #hair #lovely #smart #intelligent #hard worker #worker
by Akalay April 13, 2011
A person who is , from the get go, a noob, normally told by they're friends to get on the game to help them be noobs. A group of noobites can be called a noobite colony, swarm, flock, or pack.
We were having a good game, until a noob came in. It wouldn't have been a problem, until he envoked the noobite packs by calling in his friends.
#noob #noobite #noobite colony #noobite pack #noobite flock #noobite swarm #noobtopia #nobite #nubite
by Akalay February 11, 2011
Trying to find a vietname/korean terrorist soldier (ex. a Vietkong)
Saddle up boys, lets go find charlie!

Private- What you doing today, sarge?
Sarge- Finding Charlie, Private.
#charlie #chalie #vietkong #terrorist #vietcong
by Akalay January 31, 2011
1. A term used to express extreme dislike for people who will change they're appearance, personality, and will ruin they're life just to be considered "cool".

2. Can also be a conformist term because your conforming to the bias that everyone included in the "I hate conformists" statement is actually a conformist. Maybe they aren't the conformist, you are. Because you say "I hate conformist" your throwing yourselves in with the stereotype of the "Individuals," The select group of stuckup, snobby, "I've been to college" kind of attitude(Though they're only in highschool) people that are conforming to the "Individuals" bias.
1. Guy 1."God, look at him, wearing American Eagle, what a conformist"

Guy 2."Yeah, I hate conformists"

2. Asshole 1. "Sheesh, look at her, wearing her hair in a ponytail, like, totally unenlightened, pass me that weed, maaan."

Asshole(Girl) 2. "Wanna spread your freedom in me, like, duuuude?"
#i #hate #conformists #i hate conformists #idiots #bias #biased #conformist
by Akalay April 08, 2011
A person who will ascend to the throne as "Emperor/Destroyer of the World(s)". Ladies love his massive 9(or more, he's bad with length) inch dick and loves his delicious nuts. Loves his girlfriend and has a nice ass. Can speak to animals, aliens, and the jewish people. Is more akin to dinosaurs. Can fire blast's of balefire out of his hands, and will EAT YOUR SOUL. And anyone who does not agree can suck my massive 9(or more) inch dick.

He's not the fat kid from "Drake and Josh"
He's like Leroy Brown, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee, he must be a Josh (Nichols).

Josh Nichols is AWESOME, I rode his dick and can't stop dreaming of it.

Loves his Girlfriend, A.H.
#josh #fluffy #awesome #better than you #hatred #penis #nuts #lord of creation
by akalay April 06, 2011
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