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A general something to put in place of something where you want the item to sound special or otherwise better than what it really is.
If you are good I'll pick you up a kadodie on my way back from the store.
by Airrazor September 21, 2005
Said just before taking a shower in which the main reason is more to wash the genitalia than to wash any other part. Can also be used for the instances for men who jerk off in the shower.
Man> Yeah dudes I gotta go wash bag.
anyone else> thanks for telling us... ass!
by Airrazor September 23, 2005
To directly blast out a booger without the use of one's finger or a tissue. Not through use of a loogie.
Joe goes into the showers at the dorms so he can farmer one out each morning to clear out his sinusses.
by Airrazor October 13, 2005

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