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Synonym for "cardboard". Also a convenient place to use their toilet when no public alternative exists.
I'm going to give them back some of their McNuggets
by AgentM September 21, 2003
See UAV. A vehicle used by rich single mothers to take control of the road. Rarely used off road.
The single mother next door likes to go shopping in her SUV.
by AgentM September 21, 2003
A lawyer who looks out for accidents or incidents in which he can help someone sue for his own gain
When I got into the brawl at the pub the ambulance chasers came out after me
by AgentM September 21, 2003
A green fruit whose migratory habits often cause it to move from a Big Mac to the roof of your local McDonalds.
I flung a pickle at the pimply faced slave behind the Mc Counter and it stuck to her face.
by AgentM September 21, 2003
A location in Melbourne Australia where shit gets sent for reprocessing; aka 'shit farm'.
I'm going to send a fax to Werribee
by AgentM September 21, 2003
That awful moment when you take a dump and some of the toilet water splashes up and hits your butt.
Ah gross I just had a nump!
by Agentm February 14, 2006
Urban Assault Vehicle. See SUV
I nearly got run over by a UAV weilding crazy bitch.
by AgentM September 21, 2003

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