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5 definitions by Agent-Orange

Where all the "cool kids" are
kid 1: "Hey where did bobby go?"
kid 2: "Cool Kid Town!"
by Agent-Orange April 28, 2009
Is when you masterbate while your hand is in your pocket.
Kid 1: "what is that kid doing under there?"
kid 2: "I don't know, looks like he's digging deep in his pocket for something."
kid 1: " no, i think he's j pocketing."
by Agent-Orange April 29, 2009
A Chew toy is when the girl,(or guy), bites on the scrotum and the ferociously shakes it around with their teeth while making growling noises.
"Oh man, my bag is all red and its bleeding a little, im gonna pass on the chew toy next time."
by Agent-Orange April 28, 2009
It is a queef, but for a guy.
"dude did he just fart?"
"no that was no fart, that came from his front side."
" Bliff!"
by Agent-Orange May 02, 2009
a Hot Pocket is when the guy takes a dump in the girl's vagina and then they have sex
"Hey we should make it interesting tonight, lets try a Hot Pocket, you shit in my pussy and then we fuck."
by Agent-Orange April 19, 2009