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When two species, usually of the human verity, engage in sticking burning hot lightbulbs up one anothers anus.
Oh my god, thats a good burning sunshine.
by AfroKenny January 07, 2008
A completely random word used to discribe something when your not sure how to discribe it.
Person1: Oh you know, uh that thingymajiggeramabobaritoish thing.
Person2: No I don't. Perhaps you should stop being so retarded and speak fucking english.
by AfroKenny January 07, 2008
You know, that person who everyone doesn't like. Maybe because they smell but its normally because they are just weird.
Oh my god, James and Steph are such quasams.
by AfroKenny January 07, 2008
When a male urinates in a womans eye whist having a bladder infection.
Male: Don't you love my steaming orange juice?
Female: NOOOOO!, It burns, OWIE
by AfroKenny January 07, 2008
When two males engage in anal sex and one male sticks his scrotum into the other males bumbum, then rips it out, shit and all.
Male says while looking at his shit covered balls: Look at those dangling chocolates!
by AfroKenny January 07, 2008
A expression used to discribe a large ammount of something. A unit in the metric system. When written as an expression, fT. Be sure not to confuse this unit with ft meaning foot.
Holy shit, Amy weighs a metric fuckton!
by AfroKenny January 07, 2008

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