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Heaven to poor people like me.
I died and went to Wallmart, where I saved $20 on fish food.
by Adomius August 24, 2006
A sect of agnosticism that characterised by a specific reply to the question "Do you as a fellow human being, in an order to retain the idea of living in a spirit form after death, have a faith, ideology, belief system, religion, or cult that you follow?" or something similar. When asked a question of this nature a follower of Mehism(Mehist) will reply with "Meh" or a similar onomatopoeia such as eh, mmm, uhh, aehh, or blah.

Mehism actions are restricted to neither confirming nor denying the existence of a high power, supernatural beings, or supreme/omnipotent/omnipresent creatures.
I follow "Mehism", because I don't want to describe that I am apathetic towards the religious beliefs of others.
by Adomius January 12, 2011
1. Any canine pet that you, specifically, can drop-kick over a picket fence, such as a chihuahua or teacup poodle if you are a normal sized person. Andre the Giant could probably kick a mastiff over a fence so every dog would be a rogdat.

2. Any dog that also happens to resemble a rat.
1. Adam: Look at that tiny dog that looks like it could be easily kicked.

Steve: Oh you mean the rogdat?
Adam: What?
Steve: It is to small to be a dog but to big to be a rat, so, rogdat!

2. Bill: Look at that cute chihuahua!
Ted: It looks more like rogdat to me.
by Adomius July 11, 2010

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