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Gurgyan is given to the name of the chosen one. He will succeed in later life and will be a major pimp. He will pimp anything he sees. People regularly copy him because they want to be him. He is a trendsetter and always will be.
Sometimes copying him is hard to resist, but to those who do, they are weak, unsatisfied with their weight and have excess facial hair.
by admin March 03, 2005
Friendliest, Trustful, and Loyal RS player you may ever know.
OMG, Raiden Blade i love your band!
by Admin February 21, 2005
Teh homoghey wannabe American on LS2.com.
Kuba like to flex in front of the mirror.
by Admin April 30, 2004
Retarded bitch.
eh-Mi walked into a wall.
by Admin November 23, 2003
Compusmack: v. To totally own a person, place, or thing while engaged in internet discussions or battling in online games.
Zero4 and his clan We Are Peons were compusmacked by American Gangsters in the quakeworld tournament.
by admin January 22, 2003
A swedish rapper.
E.D.O is tight, man.
by Admin September 01, 2003
A person who can be described as having a somatotype of that simular to a yorkshire pudding. All inclusive of the accent.
Rab ~C Nesbit
by Admin November 26, 2003
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