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4 definitions by Ada

another way to say what the
Wat da hell is going on her
by Ada September 03, 2004
21 5
To watch carefully especially with attention to details or behavior; pobserve], observant, observative
Wow, Mike that was really observative.
by Ada February 24, 2004
51 43
Derived from the game "worms: armageddon" meaning to be skillful at something. Usually used when a particularly difficult task is achieved.
DUDE! did you just see that? OFMG I am HELLA skillfoot.
by Ada July 01, 2003
0 0
The stench of a fart coming from a man three hours after eating vindaloo curry.
No-one should ever be exposed to Richard's wrath ever again.
by ada February 18, 2003
17 67