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3 definitions by AdGarUK

What someone should do on Justin Bieber's face.
Someone need to defecate on that lil bitch.
by AdGarUK January 08, 2012
When showing so much confusion or disgust towards something, you miss out the 'what.'
Example 1:

Friend: Yeah, I f***ed your mum last night...
You: The fuck?

Example 2:
Nerd: So a fraction is a simple fact of mulitplying the numerator and taking the quotient of the denominator!
You: The fuck?
by AdGarUK March 11, 2011
When illustrating your opinion of something in a way that shows that it is insignificant to you.
Person 1: Well, Adam. What do you think of this wonderful piece of artwork?

Person 2: Meh...
by AdGarUK September 23, 2010