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Short for "what the fuck?". Usually followed by question mark.
John: I have acne on my butt.
Mary: ...the fuck?
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
A modifier used to intensify a command. Slightly more powerful than "your ass." Appending "bitch" onto the end of the sentence further strengthens the emphasis as well as the condescending power.
From most polite to most offensive/aggressive:
"Please sit down if you would be so kind."
"Sit down, please."
"Sit down."
"Sit your ass down!"
"Sit the fuck down!"
"Sit the fuck down, bitch!"
by Nick D May 15, 2006
Short for why/who/what/ the fuck
1:I killed your girlfriend.
2:The fuck you do that for?

1:It's Dingleberry McJohnson.
2:The fuck is that?

1: I'm going to identify the covalent bonds.
2: The fuck are those?
by Scrubmaster February 16, 2009
Doing something to the fullest extent.
"I am going to watch the fuck outta that t.v."
"i'm going to eat the fuck outta that sandwich"
by Jason Dean April 06, 2007
Meaning "What the fuck?" See also WTF?, and huh?.
The fuck, man! Get that shit away from me!
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
It's what you put in the middle of a question. Any question (execpt which?).
What the fuck is that?
Where the fuck did Jim go?
Why the fuck did that happen?
How the fuck you gonna do that?
When the fuck is the bus gonna get here?
by Danbridge November 23, 2006
As a noun derived from fuck, can be used as an intensifier to give an amusing rhythm to a sentence.
Oh come the fuck on, Henry
by l42emmings August 11, 2005
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