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When you are extremely horny and just looking for some penis/cock.
You go find it and ride it as hard as you possibly can.
Basically, you hit it (HARD) and then quit it.
Did you see that hott guy? I want to ride him HARD!
And when I say hard, I mean HARD.
I NEED to ride hard right this very minute because I am full of sexual tension and desire.
by Abby and Sam August 03, 2006
Pooping and smoking a doobie at the same time.
yesterday, i was doojin for about an hour in the bathroom at my girlfriends.
by Abby And Sam May 04, 2009
Shortened version of the prescription drug klonopin.
you gots those kpans homie?
by Abby And Sam April 15, 2011
When one allows oneself to receive marijuana smoke in the ear, because claims have been made that it goes straight to the brain.
These claims have not yet been verified.
man i took that ear shotgun and i got so fucked.
by Abby and Sam January 18, 2008

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