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A mathematically impossible amount to give (unless you borrow 10% from somewhere).
Coach: "I want you to give 110% out there!"
by Aaron of Minneapolis August 14, 2007
Amount per hundred. A concept which many people are somewhat naive about. Often abbreviated as "%" (the percent sign).
I've read that people will often treat a 0.1 percent chance as less than a 1-in-1000 chance, even though they are exactly the same amount. *shrug*
by Aaron of Minneapolis October 29, 2007
Percent; amount per hundred. A concept which many people are somewhat naive about.

Also used in many computer codes for variables, or for encoding special characters in web addresses.
1% = 1/100 = 0.01 ; 100% = 1

Why do some coaches ask you to give it 110%, when 100% is (by definition) the most you can give?

The code for a % sign in a web address is %25.
by Aaron of Minneapolis August 14, 2007
"Degrees"; the "degree" sign. Commonly used in temperatures, angles, and geographical coordinates, it can typed on a PC by hitting Alt-0176 (using the numeric keypad), and its HTML code is °. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's used it in a job advertisement before.
It was 92°F (33°C) outside today.

There are 360° in a circle.

Hlp wntd, PT/FT, $8-12/hr, no ° req.
by Aaron of Minneapolis August 09, 2007
An unknown but moderately large quantity.
Me: Grandpa, how many of them were there?

Grandpa: *shrug* Sixty-eleven!
by Aaron of Minneapolis August 30, 2007
A user of new software or equipment, who must deal with the bugs that were not eliminated in beta testing.

(Derivation: Gamma is the next Greek letter after alpha and beta.)
I'm going to wait a while before getting Windows Vista; I remember the problems people had with XP and Service Pack 2 when they came out, and I don't want to be a gamma tester.
by Aaron of Minneapolis January 28, 2007
To tentatively make an appointment or commitment. Implies it could be changed or canceled, since pencil marks are erasable.
Bob: "I got tickets to Saturday's game. You want to go?"
Tom: "If I can. I might have to work that day, but I'll pencil you in."
by Aaron of Minneapolis May 10, 2010
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