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6 definitions by AWPerative

Basically something that deserves 1337 status in expanded form
Your mom is 1336 + 1
by AWPerative May 09, 2006
104 27
Someone who spreads lol material around like AIDS.
When Shawn showed us the YTMND he made, he became a loltergeist at school.

Danny is the local loltergeist.
by AWPerative August 14, 2006
27 10
Alternate spelling of fail and phail
Angela not only fails at life, but she phails and even fales at life.
by AWPerative July 16, 2006
55 41
A weapon used, similar to the ban hammer, to tell someone that they fail.
I saw your post on ytmnd forums, and I administered the fail flail to it.

John whacked George with the fail flail after George sent him the o rly owl.

emoxlover and MCRocker were smacked with the fail flail by the admins because emo sucks.
by AWPerative July 26, 2006
14 5
The place to send all your funny stuff
OMG, I sent this ytmnd to the roffle house.
by AWPerative June 07, 2006
6 1
Add a number to "gr8", "1337" or what have you.
I will +1 this urbandictionary.com so it will be gr9.
Chuck Norris is 1336, and I will +1 this, so he is 1337.
by AWPerative July 06, 2006
19 19