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When you fart in one room, but the smell follows you into another.
"Dude! You've got some nasty linger from that fart. You should have waited a bit longer in there."
by ATMofMN March 11, 2010
When a good looking woman is downright insane. Affects all women to some degree. Any involvement with such a woman is to be handled with extreme care. More advisable to just stay clear.
"Dude, that chick was hot! Why'd you dump her? Was it the whiff factor?"

"No, she passed the whiff factor, she's just got snakes in her head. I wouldn't touch that with Lundberg's dick."
by ATMofMN March 11, 2010
When judging women on different scales of 1 to 10, the whiff factor is a pass/fail. The whiff factor deals with the vaginal fragrance. A fail of the whiff factor negates any other qualities. A necessary test on girls from Wisconsin.
"Dude, that girl was hot! Why'd you let her go?"

"She failed the whiff factor, I'm not touching that with Lundberg's dick!"
by ATMofMN March 11, 2010
An older female virgin, as in the movie Dragnet.
I was really into her until I found out she was a Connie Swail. I don't want that kind of pressure.
by ATMofMN March 11, 2010

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