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half spanis
half polish
damn ur a dumb spolock
#polish #spanish #polock #spic #spolock
by ATICUS October 22, 2006
You ever see a Manity? Then you know what im talkin about. Fat people that have no knecks and fat faces.
*RING RING RING* Land manity hotline? i need some speers and harpoons at my house emeditly! you mean theres a big fat bitch in your yard?
#fat #huge #disgusting #land_manity #slob
by ATICUS September 11, 2006
The Dumb Ugly Fat Friend. Every hot girl has one, and their objective is to cock block all the guys. And for every DUFF you need a grenade and thats ur friend that would try to hit anything.
WOW! that DUFF's a bitch.
#duff #dumb #ugly #fat #friend
by ATICUS September 11, 2006
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