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A terrible disease that makes you unable to brain.
I can't brain today...I have The Dumb
by MissCellany May 12, 2010
noun: an induced case of idiocy caused by the witnessing or committing of an act, or display of, profound stupidity.

Ex: Watching Postal gave me a serious case of The Dumb.
by Sadistc Sweethart September 16, 2008
The dumbs - Becoming mentally disabled from extremely good sex. Symptoms may include euphoria, feelings of satisfaction, a silly grin, complete loss of motor control and inability to do most simple tasks
"Why is she so clumbsy today?" "I gave her The Dumbs good and proper"

"&%+#(@....sorry can't talk, got The Dumbs"
by llamalogic January 18, 2015
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