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A real smelly vagina that smells like fish stunk finger
That Pussy is a real stinking tuna pussy
by ARKELZ November 14, 2007
another way of saying owned, dominated, screwed, pwned or fuked.
Dude, I yezzed him at COD4

I totaly yezzed her... hard
by ARKELZ November 14, 2007
the most aussie word ever!! Used to describe a real annoying dikhead
sik aussie kunt: steve is such a knob jock
Idoiot skip: Whats that?
sik aussie kunt shakes his head and walks away
by ARKELZ November 15, 2007
like aight, but signifying you not only understand, or heard something, but you have issues with it or querres
See also aight
Example 1
Fred, lets go to the movies
Shelly: aight
example 2
Fred: lets go to the movies
Shelly, all aight but your paying
by ARKELZ November 14, 2007
When you finger a chick, and afterwards your fingers smell like tuna pussy
Fred: jezus man, Nat has a bad case of stunk finger,
Greg: Eeeww, shes so dog
Fred: yeah
by ARKELZ November 14, 2007
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