17 definitions by APugs

what arnold called people because arnold is the man
to tell u the truth i dont really know
by apugs August 07, 2004
a very negitave person
Fuck the naysayers they dont mean a thing, cuz this is what style be bring- 311 all mixed up
by apugs July 21, 2004
Derived from the famous phrase " Porch Monkey " a balcony jap is a JAP that sits in her fucking mansion or on her fucking balcony all day... a Balcony JAP doesnt hafta be Jewish... but she has to be a fucking rich girl that is spoiled outta her mind... it may infact be the ultimite dissing.. caution in using this one... it could get u into trouble... only use it under serious circumstances
hey jon, lets go down to Molly's house and throw rocks into her balcony window which is trimmed in gold and silver and has ribbons and rich on it
by APugs July 08, 2004
it came as a slang word out of the pink floyd album Ummagumma. it means sex
Ummagumma is good for u Ummagumma is good for me
by Apugs July 11, 2004
that might of been the most nerdiest thing i have ever herd... and this is coming from a nerd
just becuse its cs u dont have 2 say newb and all those gay words
by apugs July 31, 2004
Any girl when you are drunk
after a couple beers that fat whore is bootylicious
by Apugs May 19, 2004
A site claimed to be for hillbilly and hicks defenitions.... but every1 knows their 2 poor 2 have a computer and to stupid to get onto this site even if they have a computer...
i recon ruraldictionary.com was founded by hitler after he was resurceted in 2003 may 3rd... and now this is his evil plot 2 take over the world
by Apugs April 01, 2004

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