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Pretentious, narcissistic, metrosexual Europeans.

They tend to stand about 5'-5'5" tall and dress like intellectuals (*dress like*).
The dilettante and half-breed that entered a definition Oct 1, 2003 for Eurotrash is a good example (Anglo-Franco-Italo-American).
by american March 16, 2005
Something only the English can understand.
Ben and Matt only talk with English grammar.
by AMERICAN November 02, 2003
A mob rule system of government. Inevitably fails.

Has major differences to a representative form of government.
In Democracy every man has a vote but does not work on large scales. Generally leads to chaos due to lack of organization and the pure anarchy due to the lack of rule of law.

In contrast, the federalized republic is a large scale Democratic system that is made up of many people's representatives elected by popular vote.
by American June 03, 2003
Manifestation of a preoccupation with young girls.
"Little girl, I offer you a lollipop in demonstration of my nature: lolikon."
by American November 08, 2003
Land of potato farms and.....um.....potatoes.
Geez, it must really suck to live in Idaho.
by American June 28, 2003
American president who makes you hope that the idea of The Patriots, a group of elite people who REALLY run America, and the president is just their puppet, is true.
Then we would be assured that no one could be such a dumbass.
by American July 19, 2004
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