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An injury inflicted by SIB, or Spooning Induced Boners. Another term is a boner-bash. It can vary from being a soft tender spot on the thigh to a large and painful bruise lasting more than two days. Penis-pokes are not lethal, but they are annoying. The pokers are often Spenjamins.
"Oh my god, someone gave me a penis-poke! It hurrrttss!"
by AMAHAHA July 12, 2008
An acronym for a Spooning Induced Boner. A common malady for young, male, virgins. A side effect for the receiver is a minor bruise in the thigh/hip region. This will hurt for 4-7 days minimum, depending on the size of the offending boner.
"Oh man, I have a bruise the size of a quarter on my buttocks! What can it be from?!"

"OOOOOhh that's from a SIB!"
by AMAHAHA July 12, 2008
A fake relationship, i.e. dating someone but having little to no romantic interest in them.
"Dude, did you hear about Sally's new boyfriend? He looks like a total douchebag."

"Yea, he's known for being a spenjamin so it's really just a fauxlationship. It'll never last."
by AMAHAHA July 12, 2008
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