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Literally "God is great" in Arabic. Nice thought, however...

what is said by people beheading hogtied victims "in the name of God"

or what is said by someone in a carbomb seconds before he fires it off in a crowded marketplace.
"Wait for that grandmother with her three cute grandkids gets a bit closer"


KA-BLAM!!! ... screams, wailing, etc
by alpino November 06, 2009
What the Cookie Monster does at night, after Sesame Street closes.
Whenever the old lady bitches about "playing your death metal music in front of the kids" I just tell them "it's the Cookie Monster singing."
by alpino August 26, 2008
Old north West cowboy slang for a failed homestead farmer. Almost as bad as calling a cowboy a sheep herder.Cattle people never liked homesteaders and all their barbed wire fences.
1889- This whole town is wall to wall honyockers, bankers and sheep shit.
by alpino September 25, 2008
A part of the US military that uses acronyms and knows how to spell, unlike their USMC brothers that think ARMY is an acronym for "ain't ready to be marines yet". When I tried it was ARTBMY. US ARMY actually means "Uncle Sam Ass Raped Me Yesterday"

- Have fought in every war for our nation, not guarded unruly sailors.

- Are capable of thinking, at least the Airborne, SF, Rangers. A very dangerous weapon indeed! The Marines react, which has its place.

- Are not a branch of the Navy

- The ARMY gives awards for "being"

- Wears black berets like Saddam Hussein did

- Gets things done without a cheerleader type PR... you know who does. The ARMY hires shitty advertising agencies.

- Admits to its mistakes
It's a War when the Army gets involved.
by alpino September 15, 2008
infantry term to open fire on someone, by order or individually

shooting at someone

killing the enemy with small arms fire
a haji seen running with AK47 light him up!

the MF started shooting at us so we lit him up
by alpino November 06, 2009
A phenomena for whatever kind ofimage, that a man or woman appear in public to be gay, but are actually straight in their personal life. Is it to empathize with the oppressed? Or just to be the heppest "mui cool" person around. A sexual poser.
Sally- Kyle is such a fine lookin' man... too bad he's gay, sigh.

Mary- no, I can tell you a very different story, he is gay in the streets, straight in the sheets.
by alpino July 20, 2010
an Italian infantryman or alpini, literally "a boot"

The Italian equivalent of the US Army "grunt"
Io sono un scarpa - I am a grunt
by alpino November 06, 2009

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