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the smacking sound that happens when you are having sex
you guys had sex, i heard the porno smack coming from the room
by ALCRUZ March 29, 2008
1 a status of being the weakest of the group.2 the act of being scared.3 not wanting to take part in group actions
1."mike cant handle his drink"
"he's chump status"
2.i dont wanna fight him"
"chump status"
3."you dont wanna play, come on dont be chump status"
by ALCRUZ March 26, 2008
somthing that would be considered gay, or a gay action, a hatin move
you gonna come chill?

na man, ima crash out

thats homo shit
by ALCRUZ March 26, 2008
slang term used for pieces of chicken
im hungry lets go get some pieces
by ALCRUZ March 26, 2008

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