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1. A Video Game created in 1981 in which a player-controlled frog must hop across a highway and a river (using logs) while dodging cars, gators, otters, etc.

2. Crossing a busy street without the use of a light as a pedestrian.
2. Car..car.. car.. alright- looks like we have to Frogger it.
by AJ Garrigus June 01, 2006
reference to the instigator of the "Weekism" cult movement in which members hail the demi-god William Weeks and believe he has supernatural powers such as:
High Trained Sexual Prowess
Intellect beyond 500 intelligence quotient
DUDE! You just saved my life! You're like my own personal Bill Weeks
by AJ Garrigus June 01, 2006
Term refering to any drink produced by the Rosenberger's Dairies Company. "Rosies" especially refers to the Iced Tea and is traditionally carried by teenagers in the half gallon bottle and sometimes worn on the hip by the use of a beaner.

Note: Rosenberger's Dairies plant is in Hatfeild PA and is shipped mainly in the tri-county area (Philladelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks)
For just $1.27 you get buy a bit of heaven; that heaven is called "Rosies"
by AJ Garrigus June 01, 2006
A type of triangularly-shaped clip used to carry loads.
The clip has a twist lock when used for mountain climbing (it's original purpose)
Or with out a lock it can be seen clipped on to a belt loop carrying keys and such
This carribeaner holds my keys and lanyard.
by AJ Garrigus June 01, 2006
Shortend for "carribeaner".
Refers to the triagularly shaped clip used by mountain climbers.
Also to the modern clips without locks to carry small loads such as keys and drinks with handles.
Yo! Toss me my beaner- the one with the Drexel lanyard!
by AJ Garrigus June 01, 2006

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