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A genre of rock music consisting of bands from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. A genre most people today put upon the highest pedestal, forcing others to accept their opinion that it's "the greatest music to ever be put on a vinyl record" or otherwise. I like classic rock myself, but I don't shove my views on it down other people's throats.
Person: Yeah Green Day! They're awesome!
Person: Jesus Christ chill.
by A Little Pinprick July 14, 2006
The superior half of the PSP/DS handheld contest.

If you're lame and you prefer graphics over gameplay, get the PSP.

However, if you want a very innovative handheld system with many addicting and wonderful games with wireless multiplayer and online support, Nintendo DS is for you.
omfg i wil get t3h psp cuz it got gr4fffffixs and gta on it omglol yes!

It's no contest that you're going to be more intelligent if you choose the Nintendo DS.
by A Little Pinprick August 26, 2006
A phrase seen on products which is the only means of persuasion for this company to get you to buy a piece of shit.
WO! This Grabbo-Arm can hold a spoon to scoop out pudding with ease! This product was "AS SEEN ON TV"! I should probably buy it!
by A Little Pinprick July 14, 2006
A drawing of an innocent rabbit saying rather mean things. A big hit with the girls because it must be anoter one of those cryptic things they like to say to be "cool," despite making absolutely no sense.

It's not very clever nor funny.
"Oh, look, Happy Bunny. It's saying 'I'd love you, but right now I hate you.' That's...cute...I guess..."
by A Little Pinprick July 14, 2006
A car insurance company that never fails to make me watch mindless television with their crazy funny commercials.
The geico commercials are funny, however, the ones with the talking lizard are not.
by A Little Pinprick August 07, 2006
The example word used to demonstrate using square brackets to link to other words on urbandictionary.
In your entry, link to other words using square brackets. For example, booty] will become booty.
by A Little Pinprick August 07, 2006
A video game console with all sorts of shiny new features such as Blu-Ray players, shimmering pewter controllers, Spider-man text, an analog light that's twice as bright as the PS2's, and maybe a new button or two.

However, it's really expensive (600-700 dollars) which really turns me off about the whole thing, and I'm probably gonna get a nice new Nintendo Wii unless Sony can come to their senses.
Little Johnny:"Osh-Gosh B-GOSH, what console should I get? The PS3, the Xbox 360, or the nice new Nintendo Wii?"
Little Billy:"The PS3 has a really bright analog light and Spider-man text, go get that"
Little Johnny:"Wow! What a bright light! Oh man...it's really expensive..."
Little Billy:"Then maybe you should get an Xbox 360. It's got a super green ring of light that lights up in a certain way depending on your console's orientation!"
Little Johnny:"But Bill Gates own about fifty-five crystal toilet seats from the profit he's made! That's enough to put fifty-five toilet seats on one toilet!"
Little Billy:"Okay, behind Nintendo's curtain is a nice new Wii! It's really tiny and the promotional concept picture has a floating disc!"
Little Johnny:"Cool! I'll get that! Those people are having so much fun throwing their bodies around with that futuristic controller they got thar!"
Little Billy:"Way to go, Little Johnny!"

by A Little Pinprick August 07, 2006
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