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9 definitions by 9A Slang

To point something out in amusing fashion. Originates from the north west of england.
Example 1:

Oh geoff, deeks that fuckin' mare ower theer.
(I say geoff, did your fantastic eyesight permit you to peruse over the visual delight of that nearby female stunner?)

Example 2:

Cumbrian #1: Fancy a ball and biscuit?
Cumbrian #2: Eh?
Cumbrian #1: (While whipping his bollocks out and laughing) DEEKS!
Cumbrian #2: Ahhh you fuckin twat!

Example 3:

Deeks him with the face.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
41 27
A lesbian.
"See that girl over yonder, she is a gash guzzler."
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
10 2
When standing as far away from the toilet as possible and attempting to piss in the bowl. Works best when cock is erect.
"Wow, that Piss-arc I just had was as beautiful as a rainbow."
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
6 0
When much time is spent fingering a girl you will gain a wrinkle finger (similar to that of being in a bath too long)
"Hey, check out my wrinkle finger thanks to your gash."
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
6 1
When falling asleep while fingering a girl (usually drunk) and your finger is left in the entire night.
"Cor blimey, I have a stiff little finger this golden morn."
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
6 1
If you need a piss and instead decide to masturbate, you will experience a stinging sensation if taking the piss shortly after ejaculating.
"I had piss sting and regretted ever wanking at all."
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
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A generally obese twat with a face like a badly bashed 1983 Mercedes. Often is the bane of most schoolyard jokes and rightly so for they are often those kind of fat bollock brains who think they're amusing-fat whereas they're just obese-fat. Originates from the north-west.
Not Chull #1: I see your mother was on Time Team last night.

Not Chull #2: Hod on a sec, deeks this rotund twat.

Not Chull #1: Haha check out the flab, the proper chull.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
10 6