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Pronounced "Two-ss" (like loose but with a t)

A person, usually male (then again that usually makes it more hilarious when describing a female), of twattish proportions. ie, he's a divvy. Better used between friends rather than to really annoy someone, as it doesn't seem to have the same impact as something like "how in holy fuck did your mother shit you out you fat cunt".

Derived from the word "tuss" - Tousse is how a posh person may say tuss and therefore sounded funny as fuck. Originated in a dalston secondary school in cumbria, england.
Example 1

Cumbrian #1: Is that daft lad wearing rockports?
Cumbrian #2: Aye, what a fuckin' tousse.

Example 2

Cumbrian #1: (Attemping to solve a particularly hard maths problem)
Cumbrian #2: Deeks! (farts in #1's face while laughing)
Cumbrian #1: (trying to hold in laughter)...Tousse.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
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