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Like a badonkadonk, only smaller.
Wow... her butt is not too big, not too small... it's a nice badonkadink.
by 80crows June 20, 2010
Yes, there is a badonk-a-donk, someone's large ass. But a badonk-a-dink is something special. That girl walking down the street with one huge ass cheek and one that is normal sized. Therefore, instead of a badonk-a-donk.. the half huge ass chick has a badonk-a-DINK!
WEEZY: Damn, do you see that girl's badonk-a-donk?!

CEE-LO: No, come look at it from this angle, that thang is definitely a badonk-a-dink... juicy on one side, toned on the other. Pleases all tastes.
by aptH May 18, 2011

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