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An acronym for "15 And Fuckable." Typically used to describe an attractive teenage girl/lolita that one would readily fornicate with. Can be modified for alternate ages with alternate adjectives (e.g., 16AS = "16 And Suckable," etc.)
Originates from an inside joke amongst a group of technicians at a popular American theme park.
"Yeah, I was walking through the waterpark and I saw a couple 15AFs that definitely needed to be introduced to my dick."
by 719 December 14, 2004
When your pet dog or cat deliberately takes a piss on a rug, furniture, or article of clothing in an act of revenge or retaliation for something you have done to piss them off, or deny them.
What a bastard, I walked the dog 2 hours ago and there is a piss spot right under my computer desk, this is definitely a vengeance pee for denying him those ribs we were cooking.
by 719 November 25, 2011
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