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4 definitions by 7

A person who chooses to express no or little emotion, even in extreme situations. Considered to be surprisingly intelligent as well as beautiful. Also can be seen randomizing the streets on a regular basis.
Even though his hair was on fire, the stoic continued to play chess undaunted.
by 7 June 23, 2003
1. Fuck Jessica
2. Lick Jessica
3. Head From Jessica
4. Finger Jessica
5. Smack Jessica in the Ass
ohhh ohhhh fuck my harder ohhh ohhhh cum in my mouth ohhhhhhoooohhhhhhhh
by 7 April 16, 2004
A general term used to discribe any sexual interaction between a long haired gothic chick and her obsessed numeric boyfriend.
Obsessed numeric boyfriend: Mooooooongoooose?

Long haired gothic chick: RRRRrrrrrrrrraooooW!
by 7 November 03, 2004
When you spit and cum and bleed in a girls pussy after sex, and she doesnt wanna produce aliens from her vagina so she squats and lets the juices dribble out....SQUISHY!!
last night after me and kara had nasty nord sex got crazy and let the cumbeans out in my mouth.
by 7 March 10, 2004