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when you take a dump and when you go to wipe there is nothing to wipe, your ass is clean
"I eat tacos all and i still had a perfect poo"

"Your the lucky one when you have a perfect poo"
by 4 Points October 17, 2009
pretty much the same as the eiffle tower but you pass a bowl of ravioli back and forth over the girl like she is the table
"that was the best ravioli tower i've ever had"

"you're the ravioli girl"

"damn, a ravioli tower have never tasted better"
by 4 Points October 14, 2009
an ugly cougar
Mike said to Timmy, "Dude, i would never get with your wolverine mother"

"There aren't any cougars here, just a bunch of wolverines"

"I need a wingman. you take the wolverine"
by 4 Points October 23, 2009
the result of not washing your penis after unpretected vaginal sex
"i know i got laid last night cause the penis-crust no lie"
by 4 Points October 14, 2009
when you fart under a blanket and then throw it on someone after letting it fester for a few minutes so the smell travels with the blanket
"That's my favorite blanket. Why the portable dutch oven?"
by 4 Points October 23, 2009
the act of throwing a disc while playing disc golf
"I lost my disc while hucking today"

"Did you see those bitches hucking. I sure woulda tossed her plastic"

"Man, i got so high on hole 9 while hucking"
by 4 Points October 11, 2009
a woman that is older than an elderly cougar but still has the looks and can still flaunt herself off
"That lady was so old? but you still hit that? She was a deaf lepard!"

"She wasnt so much a deaf leopard when i got her close off"
by 4 Points October 30, 2009
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