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Jon Stewart spelled wrong.
The Daily Show: With Jon Stewart
by 2tone army September 29, 2004
An awesome horror-punk band from the late 70's through the 80's.

They should be judges as three bands,
A) Misfits with Danzig. The original Misfits with your classic raw edge to them (in my personal opinion the better).

B) Misfits with Graves. Reformed in the 90's. They have a more polished and rock sound to it. A decent band, but they're no Misfits.


C) Project 1950. Jerry only, Marky Ramone, and ... ... ... the guitarist from Black Flag who's name escapes me and i'm too lazy to look it up. This came around in the late late 90's to early 00's. From what i've heard by them, which is not much, they have the punk sound back to them, but with Jerry Only on vocals, it's some how not the same. A really good band, but still, not the original Misfits.
All three Misfits are good bands, but should be seen as three different bands.
by 2tone army June 14, 2004
Being proud of your race instead of just accepting it as a part of you and moving on with your life.

Just as dumb as white pride or any racial pride what so ever.

Why have pride in your race? It's not an accomplishment, you were just delt your skin colour in a genetical game of poker. Sure you can be proud to be a part of the accomplishments of your race, but has any invention, idea, work of art, etc. gone to benifit just one race? So how can just that race be proud to be a part of it when other races are affected by it?

And for that matter, how does being the same race as somebody link you to that person?

If a Hatian dude born in America can be proud of the Hatian slave revolts, does that mean some white dude can be proud that another white dude invented the telephone?

Do all black people get to be a part of the invention of peanut butter?

Do all Chinese people get to be proud of the discovery of gun powder?

Do i have a point to my rambaling?

No, no i do not ...
Spike Lee has black pride. Dave Chapelle has black pride. Nothing wrong with it, really, just ... pointless.
by 2tone army October 28, 2004
I'll quote them, you make your own decision:

"My mind is not for rent, I won't listen to what you say
You better take a hard look, we are sick of your rules"
("Proud to Be Punk")

yet in another song they say

"Punk has gone through changes
From spiky hair to long
Now anyone can say
They're into fucking punk"
("kill the hippies")

Constantly do they make mention of how they look or how they dress:

"Steel toe boots
Spiky Hair
We Dont Care
Punx & Skins"
("Punx & Skins")

"Boot boys mohicans with studs & spiky hair
While others have the same fucking patches and roll in the dirt"
("way of life")

"Spikey hair with soap
You don't like us at all"
("Die Hards")

"So you hate the spikey hair?
I'll grow my mohawk and make you stare"
("Punk Rock")

"You Always Put Us Down
Because we spike our hair
Bondage trousers and dyed hair
I'll never change my ways"
("For the Punx")
Why say The Casualties suck, when they can do it themselves?
by 2tone army July 14, 2004
In lue of a lawsuit, East Bay Ray et all. kicked Jello out of the Kennedys and replaced him with a no talent hack that doesn't know the meaning to a lot of their songs.

Since then, they've been trying to corrupt the legacy DK has made. Jello has even had to fight them to keep East Bay and others from using Holliday in Cambodia in a Dockers commercial.
I wish i could've seen the kennedys perform before they started to suck
by 2tone army March 21, 2004
1) Initials for "What would Jesus bomb?"

2) The question you ask Christian right wingers when they start to lecture or rant about the war in Iraq.
Argumentative Christian Girl at my Lunch Table: "You know, Zahck, you're immoral because you have no religion, you're unpatriotic because you don't agree with WHATEVER the government does and you ask questions, and you're wrong about the war. It's not pointless! We need to be there! The world is better!

Me: "Hey, hey, hey ... What Would Jesus Bomb?"

Argumentative Christian Girl at my Lunch Table: *staggered silence followed quickly by a pissed look*
by 2tone army October 28, 2004

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