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1. Females w/ Strong faith in God.

2. Some Christian Girls are always saying they're right and that you can't go to heaven. (super religious.)
3. Some Christian girls are just into being Spiritually connected w/ God and would tell you more about their faith if you ask. (not religious/kinda nice)
4. Some just go to church cuz of their parents (they're fake.)

5. They're all different. (That's true)
6. Tend to be looked at differently due to their beliefs. (Sometimes even picked on by others)

7. Some are real hot and others are not, but who cares?!
8. Christian girls are NOT perfect.
9. True Christian girls are hard to find.
10. Christian Girls are just like anytoher girl yet different.

Not inferior or superior. Just Christian.
Guy: "Hey girl, wanna come over to my house tonight."
Christian Girl (Smart): "Ummm. I'm not like that."

Chick 1: "Her Christian Girl, why the &*( do u even believe in God?"
Christian Girl: "For many reasons most ppl don't notice. He sent His one and Only Son to die for our sins (messed up things we've done) and for us to have a chance to go to heaven and not to hell."

Teacher: "Darwin's theory... blah blah blah... we evoulutioned"
Christian Girl: "I believe that God created us."

Person: "Life is so messed up, where was God when *something* happened?"
Christian Girl: "God has always been there, He shouldn't be blamed for everything. What don't kill you make you stronger."
by SilverShadow777 November 03, 2009
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