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2 definitions by 1stMrYellowThenVoluntaryOrange

A better version of the "Shut the front door" phrase, which eludes from the real phrase of "Shut the fuck up". This is a nice way to change the topic and be funny at the same time.
Person 1: Man why did Steve Jobs have to die?
Person 2: I miss Steve Jobs so much.
Person 3: I hate Steve Jobs, shut the fridge door about his face!!!!
Person 2: LOL
Person 3: Hey are you buying lunch today?
Person 1: Yeah I am...
<convo continues>
by 1stMrYellowThenVoluntaryOrange November 07, 2011
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The screen name for the CEO and founder of Onverse. StevEO stands for a combination of Steve + CEO. His full name is Steve Pierce.
Person 1: Hey have you seen StevEO in-game recently?
Person 2: Yeah man! He brought out a car and everyone got to ride in it around the hub :DDDD
Person 1: Oh darn >.< I really need to get VIP so I can try out the /test world...
by 1stMrYellowThenVoluntaryOrange January 19, 2011
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