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Anyone named Max and goes to Lumen Christi High School in Jackson, MI
Bram: Dude, Douche sent me a message on facebook yesterday saying he wants to be friends.

Jacob: Oh my, that's terrible. Max is a fag.

Bram: You mean, Douche is a fag.
by 1bram4 December 20, 2009
to smoke a bowl of marijuana. quite simple.
Ashton Kutcher: "Hey man, are you going to get get you one with me after the show tonight?"

Snoop Dogg: "Nah, I already got me one earlier today. You can go ahead and get you one, though."
by 1bram4 August 27, 2009
To leave. No matter where you are, or what you're doing, you're gettin' outta there.
Person 1: "Dude, this party really blows."
Person 2: "Straight up."
Person 1: "We cheezin it?"
Person 2: "Yup, we're cheezin it."
by 1bram4 August 27, 2009
To steal, whether it be in a sneaky fashion, or right in front of the previous owner. There is also no intent to return the "ganked" item.

Slang for gank and used equally as often: "Gack"
Person 1: "Dude, I want that kids' baseball bat."

Person 2: "Well, what are you waiting for? Gank it!"
by 1bram4 August 27, 2009

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