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1. To operate in a secret or clandestine fashion.

2. Pertaining to anything with secret or clandestine overtones.
The undercover police made a drug bust last night.
by 1Spectre4U October 31, 2003
Worn out, used up, overplayed, and/or cliched to the point of monotony. The opposite of new hotness.
Old and Busted: Britney sucking face with Madonna.
New Hotness: Janet Jackson flashing at the Super Bowl
by 1Spectre4U February 03, 2004
Automotive racing tires that have no tread pattern to maximize grip.
A good set of slicks are required if you want to get serious about drag racing
by 1Spectre4U August 12, 2003
Wasting time. Literally, losing valuable daylight hours (of which there never seem to be enough of).
C'mon! Get the lead out! We're burning daylight here!
by 1Spectre4U March 31, 2004
Trade name for a utility/agricultural truck produced by Mercedes Benz from 1947 to present. Availiable in various shapes and sizes, UNIMOGs are characterized by their large tires, high ground clearance, spartan interiors, and legendary druability. The name is an acronym derived from UNIversal MOtor Gerat (Universal Power Unit, in German).
Use the UNIMOG to tow out that Cadillac Escalade that got stuck in the mud.
by 1spectre4u January 22, 2004
1. Stains left in the seat undergarments. See also: "Skid Marks" and "Bacon Strip"

2. A contraction of "Script Kiddies". Script Kiddies are inexperienced young hackers that use programming scripts (Login, Visual Basic, et. al.) for malevolent ends.
1. Whoah! You scared the bejeezus out of me. Hold on. I gotta check my shorts for skiddies.

2. I can't believe a bunch of Skiddies got into my website and messed it up.
by 1Spectre4U August 12, 2003
The use of scientific fact for an unrelated false conclusion. Named for Nathan Zohner, who made a petition describing the hazards of the fictional chemical DHMO (dihydrogen monoxide- AKA water, as part of a school science project.
To say that DHMO should be regulated because it is used as an industrial coolant is a zohnerism
by 1Spectre4U October 28, 2003

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