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3 definitions by 1337KiWi

Variant of spiffy. Meaning delightful, nifty, neat, and snazzy.
"I love your speefy new t-shirt."

"I just had multiple orgasms! How speefy is that?!"
by 1337KiWi September 24, 2003
A wayyy cool variant of the 1337 word "lolz", which is simply derived from the well-known online chat acronym, "lol", meaning "Laughing Out Loud." This version of lol is nearly the exact same as the others, but... only 1337KiWi can use it. *hint, hint*
"Lolerzd, you're so funny!"

"You give good head! Lolerzd!"
by 1337KiWi September 24, 2003
Short for the very wonderful, handsome, sexy, smart, and funny actor Ryan Phillippe(mine @_@). Mostly used by me, 1337KiWi.
"RYN is the sexiest! :D"

"Aww, RYN is so cute! Also, he fucked me last night. ^^"
by 1337KiWi September 24, 2003