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One who really, really keeps it real.
One who is extremely trill.
Man, I know A-Beezeez. Now HE's a trillionaire.
by 10101011 August 14, 2003
To feel; empathize; To undergo the experience of.
To be aware of; sense.
To be emotionally affected by: She still feels the loss of her dog.

To be persuaded of (something) on the basis of intuition, emotion, or other indefinite grounds.
To believe; think.

To have compassion or sympathy.
I smell ya, playboy...
I under-smell ya, pimpin.
by 10101011 August 14, 2003
A salutation or greeting.
supichoo? = "What's up with you?"
10101011: Supichoo?
PimpTrickGangstaClick: Nothin' much man, just holdin' on like a hubcap in the fast lane...
10101011: OIC, ttyl
PimpTrickGangstaClick: Peaceout
by 10101011 June 25, 2004
Another term for a homosexual (male). Originating from the fact that the stereotypical gay male has a "break" in his wrists. Also stemming from the idea that heterosexuality is "fixed" or correct, so homosexuality has to be "broken".
Hey man, I dont know about your homebody Antwan... I think that somethin's broke.
by 10101011 October 05, 2004
n. Offensive Slang
A derogatory term for a homosexual man. A dookie-blaster.
Anyone man who pounds ass.
Guy1: Man are you goin' to club shizznit on Friday?
Guy2: Hell naw playa, it's a gay club Friday. Nothin' but blasters up in that piece.
by 10101011 June 25, 2004
n : an idiot; a nitwit; a person lacking intelligence or common sense; abbr. for simpleton.
You dont have a clue, you simp!
by 10101011 December 16, 2003
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