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A female who is obsessed with a particular actor, musician or celebrity in an unhealthy way.

Fangirls generally range from age 10-15 but are known to exceed range but rarely surpass teenage years.

Most fangirls target boy bands, specifically Disney manufactured and those in their teens/early 20's.

They generally give the band a bad reputation, and instead of being taken seriously, they are usually labeled as a preteen band that only is as successful as they are because of the fans, though not always entirely true.

Most also have crushes on people who are very much older than them, sometimes as much as twice their age.

Fangirls can be a blessing as well as a curse to a band, actor, athlete or celebrity. They're known for their wild behavior and extreme dedication to said target.

Fangirls fall into one of 2 categories upon meeting or seeing said celebrity in person; weepers or screamers. Weepers generally tend to cry and weep in the form of joy where as screamers tend to scream and jump around in the form of excitedness.

Most fangirls will fall out of their phase of obsession within 1-3 years or when they lay eyes on a new band.

Some fangirls believe that once bands become less popular, they will have a better chance to meet them and become romantically involved with their chosen target or form a friendship with chosen band, actor or celebrity. This will lead some girls to actually discourage new fans and some will go as far to create new accounts on said website and pretend to be a hater. Many girls also create poser accounts and pretend to be said celebrity rather for entertainment and out of obsession or to pretend their fantasy has came true.

Fangirls are also notorious for outrageous behavior such as attacks on people who share the common interest for the chosen obsession, hating on past known girlfriends/boyfriends, writing extremely imaginative fanficts(most include kissing, said celebrity saving author, typical romance plots and in some older fans, sex), believing the celebrity is writing songs about them, assuming that once they pay 600$ for a front row ticket to a concert and backstage pass the celebrity will lay eyes on them and fall madly in love and marry them, believing their only true purpose is to be with said celebrity, and of course stalking behavior.

Because of vague descriptions often given by celebrities of their ideal girl/boy, most fangirls match this therefore believing further more they are the true soulmate of said celebrity, leading to further obsession.

In rare cases, fangirls are so obsessed that they believe their life is worthless if they cannot be with said celebrity.

There are many rumored stories of fans of bands such as Tokio Hotel who fall madly in love with specific band members and when coming to the conclusion they would never be with them romantically, they believe life is worthless and attempt to take their own life.
There has never been any verified articles on this story, but many fans believe if the suicide did take place, it was drawn up that the suicide was due to a love for Tokio Hotel instead of looking into deeper problems to cause a depression by parents in an attempt to cover neglectful treatment.

Highly noted fangirl case involves a 12 year old girl who imitated an anti-suicide music video from band Tokio Hotel when taking her own life by jumping off a 10 story building. Many people argue that this was not the case of a severe fangirl but a depression and typical actions of an emo trend follower.

Normal: "Yeah I like the Jonas Brothers. I am going to a concert of theirs this summer, can't wait!"
****Generally has a few posters of band/individual desired as well as others in addition, usually from magazines.

Fangirl: *normal girl 1:* My favorite Jonas brothers is Joe! He's so cute! :D

*Fangirl 1*: BACK OFF BITCH JOE IS MINE!!!!!


by 1% juice August 14, 2008
a fan that weeps and cries when meeting or seeing their favorite celebrity.

There is a different between a weeper and a screamer.
weepers: "ahh*crying*slmbha ahh waaahh jonas brothersmgmlaaa"
by 1% juice August 14, 2008
another word for fan fiction.

aka a fictional story written by a fan about their favorite celebrity, band or athlete.

Most fan ficts often depict romance stories involving the author, band/celebrity and best friend in crazy fictional plots that usually ends up with the author in love with favorite celebrity and best friend in love with her favorite celebrity.
It's quite popular for the celebrity to save the fan in the story or vice versa, but even more popular for celebrities to meet and fall into love when meeting fan either on set of a movie or backstage at a concert.

When it comes to musicians, it's extremely popular for girls to write about their desires, such as being pulled on stage by their favorite band member, being escorted backstage and said band member to profess their love at first sight upon introduction.

Writing fanficts can actually add to the obsession many fangirls have, and once meeting the celebrities written about and seeing their fantasies do not play out as thought, many fans loose interest in said target for some time.
fanficts:"..Bethany flung herself out of the boat to save Joe from the ravishing sharks, but Kevin stopped her just as her foot hit the water. Her best friend Jolie feel into the ice cold water herself, grabbing Joe just before a great white shark grabbed them both. "you saved my life" he said. Jolie smiled, Bethany hugged Kevin. "I love you" professed Joe.
by 1% juice August 14, 2008
Refers to weepers.

Screamers act wild and outrageous when seeing or meeting their favorite celebrity, most weepers and screamers are fangirls.

Screamers will scream, yell and do anything they can to attract attention for at least one glance by their chosen celebrity. Though now mixed, concerts in the past were known to self separate weepers from the screamers, simply because the weepers preferred to quietly cry while listening to their favorite band than scream.

Usually if a preteen girl has a high pitched scream, she'll use it.
screamers: "AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! JOE!!!!!!! NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!! I LOVE YOU!!! MARRY ME!!!!!! EEEEEEK!!!!"
by 1% juice August 14, 2008

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