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For use while stoned.

Said by The Criminal in The Breakfast club, referring to a pair of sunglasses. Updated to mean something to do while high on marijuana.
1# The other night I bought a Pink Floyd album for better hallway vision.

#2 Lets save these cookies for better hallway vision.
#high #blazed #wizard of oz #marijana #the breakfast club
by 0rph April 21, 2010
To smoke another bowl or joint when coming down off a high to regain the initial level of high.
#1 Hey man, I'm almost sober. Lets recharge.

#2 I'm not ready for this high to be over. I need a recharge.
#weed #marijuana #joint #blunt #bowl
by 0rph August 17, 2010
To raid the refrigerator for food and snacks. Especially when at someone else's house.
1.) I'm crazy hungry. I'm going on a refrigeraid.

2.) Wtf? You went on a refrigeraid and stole all my tacos?!
#munchies #hungry #food #yummy #fooood
by 0rph November 28, 2010
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