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4 definitions by 0099009976

A person who is acting in a greedy fashion.
Stop being a "Jew Bag", you big nose mother fucker
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008
Ebonics for "Give me a break"
Julie said, "nigga please" I cant fit all the white cock up my booty.
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008
A expulsion of foul smelling air and semen from the vaginal canal. the cum vart gets its rank smell from a mans semen that has been marinating inside the vagina for at least 6 hours.
johnny : "this morning i woke up and started to kiss lisa's vagina and she let out the worst smelling cum vart i have ever experienced in my life. it stank so bad that i vomited right there between her legs."
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008
a roll of fat (on a woman) between the gut and the cunt. this roll usually hides the vagina and sometimes needs to be lifted and moved out of the way in order to have sexual intercourse. the gunt is sometimes referred to as the "peter belly" by african americans.
bill : " man, that ho's gunt was so big that i couldn't even hit that shit, i had to just roll her over and hit that anus instead.
by 0099009976 January 19, 2008