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8 definitions by 007hippo

When you run really fast into a room and close the door because you imagined that a ninja was chasing you or some other sort of danger approached. Generally used to prepare for a future ninja attack.

why did i just run into your room?
32 seconds. Good ninja drill time.
by 007hippo September 29, 2009
A member of the Decepticons of Transformers who was exiled because kept humping all of the other transformers.
RIP Cockatron, you and your humping dick will be missed.
by 007hippo September 29, 2009
The universal basis of dick sizes with 6 inches being the median represented by a number 5 on the scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the biggest. The result is stated as a dicktric number. This also converts dick size from the metric system. Ex: median dicktric number of 5 would be 15.2 centimeters.
I thought I had a big penis but the after looking at the dicktric system, I realize that I am pretty undersized.

I used the dicktric system and found that my dick has a dicktric number of 6. Score.
by 007hippo September 29, 2009
The addiction of smelling something really horrible, knowing it smells horrible, and yet continuing to smell it. This also includes sharing the vile smell with other people regardless of their desire to smell it.
I just wiped my ass and now I can't stop smelling my finger. WHY??
Bro, you got a bad stankdiction.
by 007hippo September 30, 2009
The testicle that dangles farther down than the other one. Generally this one is much larger, thicker, and juicier than the other puny nut.
My kongo nut just scraped the floor.
Man, I bet that guy's kongo nut is crazy.
by 007hippo September 24, 2009
When you catch someone masturbating and use it as blackmail against them.
Hey man, can your bro give me a ride to the movies?
Yeah sure, he does whatever I tell him to because I got some dirty jackmail on him.
by 007hippo September 29, 2009
When someone walks in on you singing really loudly and you quickly act like you were just yawning.
He almost caught me singing a Miley Cyrus song but luckily I pull a quick song to yawn and he never knew.
by 007hippo September 29, 2009